The IT industry is growing at a rapid pace and so is its demand and needs. Looking at the huge talent pool of engineers and MCAs that should not be a problem though… right?

However, that is not case! One way or another, the traditional university curriculum is not enough to work in a real job. There is a difference in approach, difference in technologies, difference in culture and the list is endless. That is why every company is forced to run a training program after they hire a fresher. This is an expensive and tiring process but unfortunately inevitable.

You might say that is company’s problem. Being on the other side of table, an employee, why should I bother about that! Well, its not like that. They are spending money, resources and time on your training, so naturally they account for that and the package offered to a fresher is designed keeping this factor in mind. If a company knows that you will be able to work on a project from very first day and hence no bench or training period involved. Don’t you think the value proposition will totally change... and so will your package!

That is the idea behind SEE.. To bridge this gap and develop IT Graduates instead of transforming them later. Make them competent like an experienced professional rather than having a tag of Fresher.

You can always count on us for on-strategy, on-time and on-budget development. We are committed to build lasting strategic partnerships with our clients and ensure satisfaction with measurable business results.


1F, Ridhi Sidhi, Rani Bazar
Chopra Katla, Bikaner-01
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Vikas Sharma

Vikas Sharma
Jr. Software Engineer
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Successfully placed from ISOL Academia's first batch in Apple-iOS

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