Okay.. so why do I need this if I am already a computer engineer...

Yep.. agreed.. You are already an engineering graduate... but so are 5,50,000 other youths who have passed out this year from different colleges across the country... and the number is growing every single year.. How do you think you are different from those?

Well.. I am different.. look at my academic records...

According to a recent survey from NASSCOM, only 25% of engineering students passing out from the colleges are employable. Consulting Firm Aspiring Minds paints even gloomier picture that merely 4.22% of these engineering graduates are employable in product companies and only 17% in IT services. Do you know why?

Most of the Indian universities are still teaching obsolete and ancient technologies which ain’t used anymore anywhere. Technology changes at a rapid pace and most of these were thrown away like 10 years back by the industry. Moreover, the curriculum totally lacks practical real world approach used by IT companies during the development. So no matter how good your track record is, unfortunately you still lack what it takes in a real job.

And I should believe you! Just like that!!

Its not a business for us. Its a need.. As a fast growing software company, we hire number of IT graduates every year. Out of 50 odd resumes we screen every day, at least 30 of them have the same project headings like store management, library management & so on. Do you really think that is what a modern day IT company work on these days? That era has gone and world has come a long way since then... Mobile, Wireless and Cloud is where technology is moving. Needless to say, most of the graduates being produced by these engineering factories are not skilled enough to work. SEE is an effort to bridge this gap and add that missing factor.. COMPETENCE...

And how this “SEE” or whatever you call this program is different?

ISOL Academia’s SEE Program is designed to equip you with the latest trends in the technology while taking a practical job like approach. We are not going to spoon feed you or offer traditional classroom teaching.. It will be instead followed in a job like fashion with a single aim of getting you familiar with how IT industry actually works and how a software is actually developed, so that you are ready to work on a live project on the very first day of your job.

The approach used for the live projects will be very similar to how we work on client projects. There is 100% placement provision with industry standard packages for candidates completing the course and live project successfully. Additionally, Scholarships and Fee waiver options based on your performance and grades you score.



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