We want to make sure that we can focus and pay attention to individuals in best of our capacity. Thus there are very limited seats and we will enroll just 5-6 students to each program.

Our aim is to hire you and needless to say, we would like to assure that you are actually ready and willing to be a part of this program. The entrance will be strictly on Merit basis after a personal screening session.

The first step is a written test. We expect basic programming skills and a passion to technology from you and that is what we will evaluate with this exam. You can appear for the entrance for maximum 3 times only and then the option is closed.

For the candidates clearing the test, there will be a second round for personal screening. Our Technical and HR Team will speak to you and guide you about your next steps.

Once you are in, the actual fun will begin. You will learn while working with us and our technical team will be training you for the programming skills we expect from a developer. This will of course not be a traditional class room teaching but instead casual discussions and then you are left with your systems and daily goals. You are expected to make your way on your own and rest assured, wherever you are stuck, your seniors will be there to help you out.

There will be weekly unit tests to check the progress and the scores will add up to your final grade.

Each session will be recorded and shared by your group so that you can refer to it later on if you are trapped into some confusion.

After the training period, there will be a live project. The project will be developed as in a real job. You will be provided detailed SRS and specs, client requirements, professionally designed interface graphics and you are expected to deliver a project which is actually usable by someone, not just to complete a formality. Our Technical experts will check your weekly progress based on the milestones and our QA team will test the finished project on real devices.

Lastly, there will be a final test where we will cover everything you have learned during the program. The overall grades will be calculated based on your scores in unit tests, live project and final test.

Candidates finishing the program with expected grades will be offered a job by ISOL on industry standard packages.



1F, Ridhi Sidhi, Rani Bazar
Chopra Katla, Bikaner-01
(Raj.), India



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Vikas Sharma

Vikas Sharma
Jr. Software Engineer
ISOL Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Successfully placed from ISOL Academia's first batch in Apple-iOS